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Sunday 20th Movember

It’s the week of MOGASM, and, as is customary following an all-night Championship Manager 97/98 session at Shed’s, I am up at the crack of noon. Having inspired Darlington to relegation from the Premier League, I now need to inspire myself to get home, changed, washed and ready for rehearsals at 6pm.

I’m off to a great start when the train I am due to get is cancelled. This leaves me stuck at Livi North for half an hour extra, which is spent turning my nose up at the (pitiful) sandwich selection in Morrison’s. I settle on a chocolate brownie., which is consumed with great haste in the passenger seat of Shed’’ car.

Upon finally returning to my residence in Edinburgh, I set about preparing all my guitar gear (the actual guitar is at Rob’s) and am just out the shower (calm down, ladies!) when a text from Janahan informs me that tonight’s practice is cancelled on account of an unwell drummer. We will now practice on Wednesday and Thursday night.

I react to this by firing up the Xbox and playing Arkham City until my eyes bleed. Thankfully Janahan pops over around 10pm to drop off my batch of MOGASM tickets. We have a cup of tea and discuss plans for Friday. Then it should be time for bed, but I manage to squeeze a few more pummellings for the thugs of Gotham City.

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