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New Year – Old Songs

It’s the second week in January, and The Alibis are practising tonight, the first time most of us will have picked up our instruments since Mogasm. We met up for a pre-Christmas drink, with me getting heroically hammered on a Thursday night, despite having work the next day (only Jani could match my longevity, and he didn’t have work the next day) obviously this came back to haunt me on my busiest work day of the year. Rock’n’roll, baby!!
Other than that, activity has been few and far between. Rob picked up his trusty acoustic guitar to provide the music for the two newest FREE Alibis songs to download, Man Of The People and Shadows, and if you havent yet downloaded them from our Facebook page (and clicked ‘like’) what kind of a person are you? Huh? Yeah, you heard! I did an overtly enthusiastic William Shatner style vocal, which sadly has not seen the light of recorded day. Boo! Hiss!
Rob has been badgering me from ages to get all modern and down with the kids, so I have reluctantly joined Twitter, to keep anyone who is interested up to date with my current thought processes. That said, posessing as I do a 10-year-old Nokia mobile phone, it’s not as easy for me to tweet my thoughts as it is for the other three hip trendy things in the band, as I have to keep it in my head until I get home, and then log on, which kinda takes the spontaneity out of the whole process! Feel free to follow us all on Twitter to get soup updates (Amy), weather and assasination updates (Jan) and Manchester City updates (Rob, who is likely using the phrase “moral victory” a lot this week).
Practice tonight is taking place at the Bainbridge studios at Iona Street, which we havent been to before. We are hoping to smoothify (a great word) three songs ahead of possibly recording them sometime soon, and also try to get to grips with Rob’s newest monstrosity (ooer) which I’m very excited about. It’s gonna be froot! (Another great word)
In addition to that we have a charity gig at Studio 24 booked for March 3rd, and it would be in your best interests to get yourselves there to see some great music, and whilst doing so help in the fight against cancer. Best of both worlds I would say!
Remember to like us on Facebook, follow us all (and the band) on Twitter, and download all your FREE Alibis songs!

Who loves ya baby?


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