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Good evening, Alifans.  A little report for you from the front line: band practice, Monday night.

To be honest, it had its ups and downs. Robdog’s amp was all feedback and Jan, the rock’n’roll fella that he is, blew out his amp 15 minutes from the end. G-Funk wore his purple trousers and frankly, that always means brace yourself chaps. But we refined some newer classics, worked on some fresh material, and in general progress was made.

The bulk of the time we practiced the songs we’ll be recording in the next couple of weeks – Kojak, Fallout and Cut Free – and identified strengths and weaknesses in each. Cut Free can’t be too slow but has a lovely funky groove when the timing’s right. Fallout can feel a bit repetitive towards the end, but when we keep up the energy it’s a wonderful piece of 90s power pop. And Kojak? We all love you baby.

We also had a go at a new old one, Move Aside, which I’d never heard before and particularly liked. Reminiscent of The National’s Lit Up, the verses have a driving rhythm, which I echo on the toms, and Gareth giving some angsty screams towards the end (intentionally). It came together easily enough and was fun to play – the same story as with some of our best songs, I think.

We also had another go at a not-so-new old one, I Am Japan. We’ve been working on this song over the last few practices and have been struggling with the structure, particularly the middle 8 section. Previously Robbie was doing an all-out prog rock screaming-guitar fest, which was cool but made it hard to get back in to the groove and finish the song. This time though we reined it in a bit and upped the disco feel and I think now we’ve almost nailed it. We’re hoping to premiere it on March 3rd at the MMMM gig for Macmillan Cancer so watch this space – and listen in then.

Speaking of MMMM, tickets are now on sale at Hub Tickets. They’re £6.50 and the line-up features ourselves, comedy trio The Colour Ham and our new friends Caezium.

Can’t wait to see you there J Until then, Battle Fever!

Amy x

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  1. Gareth says:

    Purple jeans are the shizzle, LDG x

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