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The Alibis hit the studio

Hello chums,

A little update from the Alibis HQ. Saturday saw us charming Alibis begin the recording process for three of our newer songs. We were based at Swanfield Studios in Leith with the lovely and very professional William as our sound engineer. It was a fantastic, successful day and we managed to largely lay down all three songs in just three hours.

Our previous recording experience had gone pretty well, but this time we were on fire. We recorded four tracks back in March last year, including Somebody Somewhere. On Saturday it was the turn of Kojak, Cut Free and Fallout. As it turned out, our seemingly endless recent practice of just those three songs certainly paid off.

We started with Kojak. It’s a song we love playing and we hoped to kick off with a bang. Luckily we were indeed explosive and got it nailed in four takes, requiring just one overdub from Jan at the end.

Next we cruised through Cut Free and finally it was the turn of Fallout. Fallout had been left until the end as sometimes we find it hard to keep the energy up throughout. At this stage we were pretty pleased with our progress though and were optimistic as a result. Fallout was recorded in as few takes as its predecessors and we were all pretty chuffed.

All three songs sounded faster and more energetic than they felt to play. Cut Free sounds even sexier on record. It was nice to watch William tap his foot and groove along as he edited our songs – we must be doing something right. He was also impressed we’d laid the tracks down so fast, which apparently not all bands are capable of.

This Friday the Aliboys will be continuing to record guitar and vocal overdubs whilst I visit friends in Germany. Then the tracks will have to be properly mixed, so it’ll be a little while before we can hearthe final results. But we’re all super excited for them, and you should be too.

In the interim you can keep yourself going by booking some tickets for our next gig, MMMM for Macmillan at Studio 24 on March 3rd. A guaranteed night of Music, Magic, Mentalism and Mayhem. Wahey!

Amy x

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  1. Gareth Gareth Fitzgerald says:

    Getting to swan off to Germania while the hard-working Aliboys prepare for another night in the studio, eh Brewer?

    Hope you have a lovely time – me, Rob and Jan will be singing our little hearts out tonight…

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