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‘Behind the Aliboys’ – a drummer’s perspective on MMMM

Saturday night was awesome. Weeks of AlipracticingTM and AlipromotingTM totally paid off. The Aliboys and I were thrilled to play a blinding set (if I do say so myself) to a packed Studio 24. There was a really good vibe on stage that seemed to translate to the crowd and all the songs were delivered with the drive, groove and toe-tapping indie pop charm that I like to think makes the Alibis.

We’d never played Studio 24 before but the sound was great. Each one of us had a whopping great monitor and it was a delight to be able to hear what everyone else was playing. No, really – at practice the night before our ass-kicking-ness was hindered by a broken speaker essentially rendering Gareth without amplification. I actually had to count how many bars I was playing rather than relying on vocal cues! Nightmare.

Anyway, on Saturday I was spurred on by Gareth’s “rocking” moves from the start. I felt at ease and ready to have fun with the set. My highlight was crashing back in to old favourite ‘Perfect Victim’ after Gareth and Robbie’s interlude. It’s a blast to play for the drummer, but I also love yelling out the lyrics, pretending to croon like Gareth by baying like a wolf and making semi-solemn facial expressions (he’s better than that, but it makes Jan and I laugh).

It was also great to see new musical chums Caezium play. Both bands felt our respective sounds were complementary, so we’re looking forward to playing together again. I particularly enjoyed their opener ‘King Life Limousine’ and the catchy ‘Sixties Girl’. It was nice to be on the same bill as Raymond too. My mum always used to say that no one ever fancies the drummer, so perhaps being in a relationship with another one is the answer to that. Although, our squabbles over who’s the best drummer still continue…

Hearing everyone’s feedback after the gig was great too. It’s lovely to know so many of you had a wonderful night. Thanks to anyone and everyone who was involved at any level – donating, dancing,  listening, laughing, raffling, watching, winning, singing, sharing, promoting, photo-ing ,whatever. The amount raised is testimony to your support. We love you and look forward to seeing you again soon!

A x

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