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MMMM for Macmillan @ Studio 24, Edinburgh, 3 March 2012

The day from a VIP point of view.  Thanks to Michelle from Resilent Business Systems for giving us her MMMM day.

14:15 Arrive in Edinburgh – just time to drop the bags off at the hotel then time for some quick sushi before getting together with The Alibis.

17:30 Made it to Studio 24 and arrived at the perfect time – The Alibis are on stage doing a soundcheck so got to hear them before everyone gets here. Feel like a celebrity.

First impressions of the venue: moody, dark, excellent acoustics, though what they say is true – nightclubs never look their best during the day, especially when empty!

18:00 Sat chilling with half of the band in the dressing room. Actually, the word chilling is TOTALLY incorrect! To set the scene, Rob has set his ipod going, shuffling through a wide range of songs and genres.

Gareth sits down. Gareth stands up. Gareth sits down. Gareth stands up and shows us his outfit. Gareth sits down and rants about how much he hates Blur when their song comes up on Rob’s ipod. Gareth stands up again! His most vital concern one hour before the show… do we think both sunglasses (80’s aviators) AND a hat (straw cowboy) are too much together for the same song? The decision, glasses for the first song and hat for the last song – WOW thank goodness that has been settled – the world can now rest easy.

Rob in the meantime is pacing…and pacing…and pacing…and pacing! Oh and now he’s popped out for a fag. Now he’s back and he is …pacing! At Gareth’s request he changes the song on the ipod and continues to …PACE!

Now, the reason we’re only here with half the band is because the other two ARE chilling.

Amy is cool as the proverbial cucumber. She is sat in the bar with her fella, who is actually the drummer for Caezium! No stress showing at all.

Finally, Jani. What can I say – he has organised the whole event, but is he concerned in any way that anything could go wrong? Is he stressing out and panicking? No, he is sat in the bar, Mr Cool himself, having his makeup done. Yes makeup! And I must admit the blue/green glittering eye shadow really suits him and matches his green nail varnish and green shoes.

18:30 The Colour Ham have taken over the stage and are setting up – they are currently building a large box. Hope it isn’t one of those saw a person in half boxes ‘cause if so, I am not a volunteer.

18:45 Amy and Jani have disappeared to get changed and ready for the show and we are back in the bar (which is now open) listening to Ceizium warming up. Doors are due to open shortly and the club is looking really good now the tables/chairs are out in the bar and the smoke machine has been turned on.

19:00 Woo hoo, doors open and the club is starting to fill up. Jani’s sister has kindly been volunteered to sell raffle tickets at the door. Atmosphere is really building now – should be a good night.

Caezium take to the stage. They sound really good and their last song, which was a work in progress, went down really well with the crowd. They even managed to get a lot of people away from the bar and down to the stage front.

Next on – The Colour Ham. So very, very funny. Unfortunately, anyone stood near to me may not have been able to hear everything they said for my laughter. Such a funny set and quite unusual. It started with the un-magical pulling of a toy lion from the box, followed by magically making Colin McLeod appear out of the same box! You no sooner finished laughing/clapping at that than they moved onto the next joke/trick.

Highlights: Morris Dancing; Leopard Skin Thong; Cilla Black.

The finale of the show saw Andy from Resilient involved in a trick with Colin McLeod managing to guess what word Andy was thinking of out of a book. Mind blowing trick Colin!

The Alibis take to the stage and seriously rock the joint. Gareth in his sunglasses; Rob with his scarf and leather jacket worn Mod style; Amy looking cool on the drums and Jani’s makeup catching the light. They seriously rocked the joint. Great tunes, really catchy, which went down well with the crowd. Fab set guys. Jani even had groupies screaming – the volleyball team he coaches!

Finally, the raffle is pulled. Prizes are a meal for two and ‘KeepCup’ from Union of Genius; a service to the value of £200 from W I Leith and an iPod touch with accessories and a £50 iTunes voucher donated by Resilient Business Systems. Jani is using an excellent high quality, high tech raffle ticket dispenser – his hand and a blue plastic bag!

01:00 Sat in a bar somewhere in Edinburgh with Jani and a couple of his mates. Amazingly his makeup is still on and probably looks better than mine! Rob is off in a corner looking very wobbly on his feet and we have lost Amy and Gareth. Time for bed I think.

All in all a great night and I am so pleased it raised over £1,300 for such a worthy cause.


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  1. Gareth Gareth Fitzgerald says:

    It is quite depressing how cool Team Rhythm are compared to Team Ego…

    Still, the right choice was made on sunglasses and the (now-ruined) hat….

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