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The View From The Front, Man

The View From The Front, Man

Hello my little Ali-chums. Just a short post-practice blog to edu-tain you readers with our current exploits, specifically last night’s practice session.

With Jan off in New Zealand until May, we made the decision, rather than to sit idly on our bottoms, to continue as a three-piece and try to get some gigs. This necessitated a slight line-up change, with my trusty Gretsch being placed on the back-burner, and me attempting to play bass and sing instead.

Practice was the third such outing of the new slimline Alibis, and I was encouraged by how we did. I think it would be unwise of me to evaluate my bass-playing, I levae that for my bandmates and, eventually, the audience, which I hope you will be a part of!

The most challenging obstacle last night was that the room was stiflingly hot. This meant we needed a couple of breaks to cool off, but thankfully we managed to get enough hard graft in between times. Why I brought coffee in with me I’ll never know…

Rob has never been the biggest fan of Monday practices, but given the challenge of having to rearrange parts of the set, I suspect he is enjoying himself. We brought back a couple of oldies last night, and it was fun to see Professor McVicar put in an appearance, adjusting pedals and amps to find just the right sonic landscape in Out of Sight (which was only half-achieved, I’d have to say), and Van Halen McVicar shredding his fingers on Blue Eyes and Gunfire.

I suspect Rob will be choc-a-bloc with ideas on how to restructure and re-arrange the set. It is going to be very difficult to sabotage these ideas and replace them with my own. The key is to convince him that he thought of it in the first place!

Amy is always good value at practice, and last night she was probably the most accurate barometer of the success of each song, pointing out slight problems that we either hadnt noticed, or had become ingrained in how we perform a song. Finding these flaws and addressing them is crucial to getting the maximum out of any song.

Pace is the usual problem, and Chance to Shine and fallout both had some minor problems needing ironed out, but we managed a strong couple of renditions of Terlingua and Perfect Victim to redress the balance firmly in our favour.

With three (possibly more!) gigs coming up in May, we have to find a set that not only can we play, but that has enough energy and pizazz to entertain. I think we always practice better when we have goals and challenges, so this current run is proving to be a lot of fun. Long may it continue.

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    Just call me the Alibarometer.

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