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The view from the back, (wo)man.

So we’re becoming accustomed to practice sans-Jan and last Thursday we had another excellent 3-piece rehearsal (we still miss you tho Jan!)

Whilst I don’t think G-Funk and I have the same rhythm section connection that I share with our four stringed assassin, I have to say he’s doing a grand job on bass. Both Robbie and I have been really impressed. I barely remember which simple 4/4 beat I play from one song to the next, but Gareth has managed to master bass for nearly 10 songs. More than that, he’s also got the lyrics down and is singing along too.

As an Alitrio, the songs sound slightly different. Some of them, like Perfect Victim for example, lack the depth that we’d get from having a second guitar. But that just presents a new challenge for Robbie to experiment a little with what sounds he can produce. Nothing is, or will be, wildly different but it means our set(s) will have a new angle. It’s exciting.

In our current order of play we have about seven songs, a mix of older and newer, all of which are almost spot on. Personally I’m enjoying playing ‘classics’ such as Chance to Shine and Broken Train again, although I do miss Cut Free. Without giving away the whole set, I’ll just mention that we’re still struggling to make Blue Eyes and Gunfire work. But we’re on the right track – and our struggles are nothing to do with Gareth’s bass abilities.

Most of our efforts are currently concentrated on new live favourite Kojak, which is coming along nicely but more slowly. The rhythm of the bass line and the rhythm of the lyrics aren’t the same, which makes for a tricky pairing for Gareth. However, after practicing the verses over and over – and over and over – again last week, I think we’ll be able to do it.

The only downside for Kojak will be that Gareth’s frontmanship will inevitably suffer. It just isn’t quite as rawk as it would be if he didn’t have to play bass too. But I think as he gets more comfortable and confident with the idea of playing bass and singing, his attitude and poise will return.

Hmmm. I’m not sure where the good news is in that…

A x

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  1. Gareth Gareth Fitzgerald says:

    Frontmanship. Attitude. Poise.

    Think that hundred quid I bunged the Princess of percussion before she wrote her blog was a shrewd investment….

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