The Alibis

The Alibis at Bannerman’s

To finish a busy four weeks for the band we play Bannerman’s, one of Edinburgh’s most recognised music venues.  We are all looking forward to our last gig for a while. The shows at Wee Red Bar, our first gig outside of Edinburgh in Troon, playing the Edinburgh Marathon and our EP launch in such a short period of time has definitely seen a change in the band and one for the better.

The last month hasn’t been without disagreements within the band but maybe that’s just a sign of all of us caring more about the quality that we want in everything The Alibis do.

With us on the bill are The Jacarandas. It’s sure to be a great start to everyone’s weekend.

See you on Friday, 8pm at Bannerman’s.

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  1. Rob says:

    Indeed, there have been some disagreements and you are right – it is because we all care so much that we do stuff that’s awesome. I think a 4-way love-in is on the cards after this gig. Perhaps at my birthday do?

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