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Unbelievable? But it’s Troon!

I didn’t believe in this Troon place Jani kept going on about, but the other week he was proved right. It turns out mythical Troon is a place! And a pretty awesome one at that. No unicorns tho. Huff.

So the Aliboys and I were off to play a fundraiser for Live@Troon. We were joined by Jan’s kickass friend Chris, who was visiting from Boston, and we were fortunate enough to have fantastic weather, which made for some very pleasant beach walks, ice cream eating and lovely sunsets. The whole weekend was rather like a typically dysfunctional family holiday, actually.

But alas it wasn’t all fun and games. First, the venue had no drums. Oh  no! Then there were drums. Hurrah! But they left a lot to be desired. Oh no! Then Jan remembered the kid across the road played drums, so we borrowed his kit. Hurrah! And finally with a few extras from another friend, we had a decent kit. Phew. Good thinking Jan! Good friends, too. Thanks, guys.

However, whilst we were setting up the newly acquired kit, we noticed there weren’t any amps. So we enquired, were they on their way? “What amps?” Came the response. Oh no! Luckily, it turns out Jan knows everyone in Troon. Hurrah!

A few phone calls later and Jan had acquired a couple of amps. Good thinking Jan! Good friends, too. Thanks, guys. And so at last we sound checked, quite excitingly on a big stage, high up, under hot lights. The first gig for the Alibis away from home was set to be quite rock and roll. Sort of.

It all kicked off before it was even our turn to take the stage, as I was asked to jam with another act, singer songwriter Scott Nicol. I’d never heard his material prior to that moment in time, but I was assured everything was in 4/4… And so, acknowledging his self-declared Bruce Springsteen vibe, I went for it, and it was spontaneous and good fun, and Scott was pleased. Phew.

But that was not the big event of the night. Word on the street was that there was this blinding set played by this fab Edinburgh four-piece, The Alibis. The six songs they played made for a lively, high-energy 20 minutes and included their three new EP tracks, I Am Japan, Somebody Somewhere and Terlingua.

Anyway, once we knew we were being filmed, both professionally and by our chums Chris and Stuart, we really turned it up a notch. Gareth’s grooviest moves were being busted, Robbie pranced about (sorry, strutted his stuff) and Jan provided a compensatory anchor of cool. The lights were blinding, the amps were blaring – The Alibis had arrived.

(There was just the small matter of my drum kit sliding away from me in all directions across the polished wooden floor. Luckily, Jan and Robbie held it in place with their manly feet for the most part and discretely grooved from there.)

Afterwards the rock and roll continued. Firstly we were greeted by our delightful entourage with beers, then we got presented with a spread of tasty eats. These included the world’s most amazing chicken wings, which we enjoyed in our dressing room, ooh la la.

As if a rider wasn’t rock chic enough for us, we were then asked to interview for a short film about Live@Troon made by El Gato. I took the opportunity to tell the world about those truly awesome chicken wings. They were super awesome, just FYI.

The evening rounded off nicely with our very own Robbie joining all the other bands and artists on stage for a big twelve bar blues number. He did a nice little solo whilst the rest of us Alibis danced around our handbags down the front beneath the stage. We were very proud.

The night rounded off with an ‘after party’ at Troon’s premier night spot, Cheeky Charlie’s, with more drinks and dancing and general merriment in to the wee hours. Gareth feels his dance moves there, described by him as portraying ‘ricockulousness’ and ‘sexocity’, merit a mention. I’m not so sure we should ever speak of them again. But in any case, it was a brilliant night. Mythical Troon FTW!

A massive thank you to Jan for housing us, and to Chris, Stuart, Andy, Steve and family, Sharon and all the lovely people at Live@Troon for having us and helping us out. Here’s to September and the main event!

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