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The Alibis Break

Sorry, realise that title is a bit dramatic. We are just on a short break while Team Creative (Gareth and Rob) are working on some new material, Jani is on paternity leave and Amy is relocating to be closer to Rob and Jan. I’m sure it’s simply coincidental that Amy’s move also means she will be further away from Gareth.

The band will assemble again in August, keen to complete the new songs (no pressure Team Creative) and also rehearsing for our appearance at the Live@Troon music festival. We are trying something new for the festival but we’ll talk about that closer to the time.

So there won’t be much happening, on the surface at least, from The Alibis this July but you can follow us on twitter if you are in to that sort of thing. Not sure who to follow? This might help:

The Alibis for all band information and gig tweets

Rob if you like ‘Shit Girls Say’ and/or want kept up to date on all monkey news

Gareth for a ‘tackle from behind’ style football analysis and social commentary

Amy if you like talking about food, using the word ‘nom’ or have any bacon questions

Jan if you have a problem…if no one else can help…

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