The Alibis

The Alibis lose their vagina!

Our first practice for two months and we didn’t have Amy on the drums. As Amy isn’t available for the Live@Troon music festival we decided to find a substitute but, who could possibly fill this massive void in the band? We have recruited the percussive powers of Stuart Ferguson, who has had the misfortune of being in a band with me before.

We had a longer practice than usual to let us work through as many songs as possible.  The practice was so long that Gareth required three changes of t-shirt; Stuart needed to put gloves on; I got a blister and Rob, who arrived clean-shaven, left bearded, looking like a guitar slinging Chuck Norris.

So how did this practice go? It’s fair to say that all the regular Aliboys were really happy at how quickly Stuart got to grips with the songs and feel confident that we will be ready to put on a great show in Troon on Saturday 1st September.

Be safe, always pack a plectrum.

J x

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