The Alibis


So another Movember and another Mogasm. This year the gig was held at Nobles in Leith where we have played before.

We had a newly formed The Brazen Tree to open the night with a few covers, followed by Matt Norris and the Moon and then The Alibis took the stage.

During the night a wee picture quiz called ‘Movember or Sex Offender’ (thanks Cheryl) and ‘Best Mo’ competition were run. Thank you to Union of Genius, Brew Lab, Boombarbers and Nobles for putting up the prizes.

From our performance the highlight for me was my bass amp falling over, taking out a cymbal which in turn almost took out Gareth.

It was great to see some fine Mos and especially good to see the girls getting their bushy ones out.

I’d like to thank everyone who came along to support Mogasm and for your donations to the Movember campaign. You raised £154 on the night which will be put to use by, amongst others, Prostate Cancer UK and The Institute of Cancer Research.

Guys, remember to check your balls and prostate. If you can get your girl to check them even better and enjoy.

May your mogasms be strong and plentiful.

J x


  1. Jon says:

    Yo Jani
    Thanks for inviting The Brazen Tree along to join in the fun. Me ‘n Susi enjoyed laying our set on the Nobles crowd, and the best thing about being the opening act is we got to chill and enjoy Matt and the Moon and you guys after!!!…..result!!

    Keep ya mojo

    • Janahan Janahan says:

      Hi Jon,
      It was great having you and Susi on the line-up and thanks for helping to make Mogasm a great night. Let me know when you are playing next. Would be good to hear you again.

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