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With a certain amount of trepidation, ¾ of the Alibis made their way to Artisan Roast on Broughton Street on Wednesday 5th June, to play our first ever acoustic gig. The muscle of the group, Jan, was absent, having been away on holiday and thus unable to get a rehearsal done with the rest of our intrepid heroes.

Artisan Roast, for those who have never had the pleasure (and it is a real pleasure) is a very highly regarded local coffee shop, the staff of which are fully embracing the local arts and culture scene in Edinburgh. Their “Espresso Sessions” allow for local musicians to display their skills to a receptive (and caffeinated) audience, all of whom are looking for something a little bit different to the norm.

With that in mind, when the lovely Cat of Artisan Roast approached the equally lovely Amy of the Alibis with an invitation to play, we readily accepted, and then sat scratching our collective heads wondering if any of our songs would actually work acoustically. A quick rehearsal was arranged in the front room of Stately McVicar Manor. Rob summoned forth his trusty acoustic. Amy acquired a magnificent set (of bongos) and also various percussion items. I picked out a shirt that even Zapp Brannigan wouldn’t have worn. We stumbled through a few songs, and narrowed it down to four – old faves Terlingua and Somebody Somewhere, newer song Drama Queen and completely new and previously unaired song Chorus In Blue. We were ready.

The day itself was a beautiful one in Edinburgh, we met up for some quick refreshment at Treacle (Rob to the surprise of no-one had a salad) and then headed down to the small but very cosy Artisan Roast, and were pleased to see long-time Alibis fans Stuart The Hooligan and G there to offer support. Amy’s better half also came along, armed with a satchel full of real ale, which was very much appreciated! There were far more people than I imagined present, and we were looking forward to showing off our tunes to a friendly gathering.

The first act was the super-talented, Buckfast-swilling troubadour Brendan Lamont who combined finger-style acoustic guitar, scat singing, and some haunting lyrics into a heady concoction to wow the audience. I particularly enjoyed his second song, which combined the Greek mythology of the Sirens and the joys of a cigarette and a walk in Leith. Top stuff.

The Alibis were on second, and got through all four songs without any major hitches (the delightful espresso I had consumed before-hand did have my ticker going at an accelerated rate though!) to a very enthusiastic response from all present, which made my day. Rob’s guitar-playing was of its characteristically high standard, and I could swear I saw that softy Amy singing along to Somebody Somewhere, as she struggled womanfully with her bongos between her knees. Bit of surgical work needed there methinks… With the performance out of the way we settled back to enjoy the next couple of acts.

We promptly had our minds blown by Artisan staff member Wojtek, who combined some outstanding and super-funkadelic slap bass work with a looper pedal and some beatboxing to construct some truly original and different tunes. The floor was covered in dropped jaws. Apparently he will be out and about performing during the summer, so make sure and catch him if you at all can. He has to be seen to be believed (in contrast to Jan, who has to be believed in to be seen – like a dangerously sexy Father Christmas).

He was followed by Exit Man, who performed three songs in a very intense guitar-strumming style, he relished the delivery of some of his lyrics (a lot of which made me rather jealous!) and received a cacophonous ovation from all present. Again, I would urge you all to check him out if you can.

We certainly enjoyed our time at Artisan Roast, and would encourage everyone to give them a visit, and also to check out all the other acts. You can find artisan roast on both facebook and twitter, to keep yourselves in the loop with any other events they have coming.

Our music remains available via the links on both our website and facebook – we have a few extra free demos and acoustic songs on the BandPage link there – and we also still have our first single Noir available on CDbaby, amazon, itunes and spotify.

Later folks,


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