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Farewell to J.B, Hello to J.B

Wow. It’s been a long period of radio silence here in the Alibi-cave at Stately Alibi Manor. Do not worry though dear reader, things are not only afoot, but also a leg and a toe.

The big news was Janahan’s decision to leave, and work on a new musical project. A member leaving is nothing new to this band (although we’re not quite Spinal Tap yet!) but Jan has been a real galvanizing presence and driving force during his time with us, and we’re all going to miss him greatly. We remain proud to call him our friend (sorry folks – no massive bust-up to report here, wait for his autobiography).

Jan has a new band, Ladykiller Caterpillar, whom you will be able to catch around Edinburgh very shortly.

In the meantime, we sent the Ali-minions out to recruit a bass player. Due to Rob having all of our initials tattooed on his buttocks, the person in question needed the initials J.B (or at a push A.B, with us changing Amy to a J.B by deed poll if necessary).

The initial selections were poor to say the least. Former Newcastle left-back John Beresford was a big disappointment, failing, as he did during his footballing career, to keep it tight at the back. June Brown from Eastenders displayed promise, however we reckon two or three cold winters tops and then we’d be replacing her too. Justin Bieber was warned not to audition, on threat of physical harm, which left us with three possibilities.

Arrested Development’s Jason Bateman did a sterling job in audition, and kept us all laughing with his zany antics. Much promise. Jessica Biel displayed little musical knowledge, but frankly, looked highly bummable. They were both worthy contenders.

As Ramirez said to Connor McLeod though “there can be only one”, and sporting a beard so magnificent it turns most mortal men’s trouser department into a ken-doll replica, Jamie Borthwick was the winner. Jamie combines eclectic jazz-fusion styles with a traditional 4-4-2 to make a sumptious smorgasbord of sonic sexiness. He also plays bass.

We’ve since then been hard at it (steady!) in the studio, getting re-acquainted with old songs and adding a couple of new ones to our arsenal.

We have a couple of gigs lined up (see the news section!) and hope to have more, come and feel Jamie’s beard for yourself!


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