The Alibis

Back in the Bold Routine

Wednesday 13th of November. A chilly Edinburgh evening. Time for the Alibis to return to the stage, and where more fitting than the location of their first ever gig, Bannerman’s bar?

New member integrated. Songs rehearsed. New songs written, played and re-written. Drinks had been taken, introductions made, friendships forged and set lists printed. Critical ears had been cocked, and encouraging nods given. Feedback had come – loud and incessant from Rob’s amplifier, and more measured and constructive from all four members.

Faces, both familiar to the band and otherwise populate the bar area, offering support. Soundcheck out the way, problems ironed out, drums tight, bass thumping, guitars loud and sleazy, vocals clear.

Lights down, take the stage, smiles all round. First song is a new one, rock’n’roll played with sweaty fingertips, unsure purpose and raw enthusiasm. It’s not perfect, but it’ll do.

More familiar songs now, tighter, second nature. Nerves dissipate, limbs loosen. Rob cracks a half-smile. Jamie strikes a pose, Amy sings along.

Another new song attempted. Works well. Onto the home straight. I Am Japan, you are Japan, we are all Japan. Heads seen bobbing, feet observed tapping. Terlingua to close. I love this one. I get to finish what I am doing half-way and watch the others. I leave the stage and Rob, Amy and Jamie do their stuff.

Rob is the epitome of Zen-like calm bar his frenzied fingers, twitching as if twenty-thousand volts are coursing through them. Jamie plays as if he had been on stage for every gig we had ever played. Amy stifles a grin as she watches the boys do their stuff.

Sounded good to me. Time for a drink, and a catch-up with friends old and new.

First gig with new line-up out of the way – two more to follow in rapid succession, with us sounding better each time.

Thanks to all for coming, hope to see you in 2014!

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