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Back off man, I’m a scientist

Howdy dear blog peruser – with things being more Go! Go! Go! than Murray Walker on amphetamines, figured I’d do a wee blog to let anyone curious (and why wouldn’t you be?) know about the latest moves and grooves within the Alibi hemisphere.

Transfer Window News!

As deadline day approached, Rob – doubtless inspired by his beloved shower of shit football team Manchester City – spent a transfer warchest on the superstar addition of a Gibson Les Paul to his line-up. An audacious swoop if ever I saw one. I think I’ve run out of transfer deadline cliches. Anyway, Sky Sources understand that the guitar is a galactico, and an undisclosed fee was all it took to complete the paperwork.

No to be outdone, I – doubtless inspired by my football team shower of shit Manchester United – scoured the Morningside branch of Oxfam for comics, and managed to pick up three half-decent ones for two quid. Eat that, McVicar!

Fashion news!

Now you can look like a person wearing an Alibis T-shirt by virtue of the all-new, all-different Alibis T-Shirts! *pause for applause*.

These T-shirts (available in any and all sizes, male, female or other) will be at our next gig for those who have pre-ordered them. Which brings us to…

Gig News!

Yes, thanks to those kind folks at Bainbridge Music, we are once again adding an element of crazed-yet-aloof sexiness to the stage at Henry’s Cellar Bar. Rob’s guitar will be making it’s debut (no pressure) as well as a slightly changed set-list.

Song News!

With Jamie now on board, it gave us a chance to re-invigorate some old songs, and, collaboratively as Jamie explained, write a new one, called Maelstrom, which we will be airing for the first time at Henry’s. Come along and thrust your pelvis in time to our thrusts to the music!

Free Choons News!

As ever there is a bunch of our demos available to download on wor Soundcloud – they’re as free as David Moyes’ schedule come next season!

Not-Free Choons News!

I probably should have gone with the not-free ones first…ah well, it’s done now. You can download our first EP Noir from some reputable, and most non-reputable music sites.

Insincere Goodbye News!

Until next time folks, seeya soon.


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