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More tea, McVicar?

Summer usually sees all Alibi-related activities ground to even-more-of-a-halt than usual and that glorious summer of 2014 was no different. What did the intrepid heroes of the Alibis get up to, asked nobody, ever?

For hard-bitten journo Jamie “Scoop” Borthwick, summer is a bad time for his favoured combo of fedora, trenchcoat and digging for info on a story that’ll knock your socks off, Chief! It was off to the couch to watch the World Cup, and then to Glasgow for some Commonwealth Games action. In amongst all that, he even found time to move house, in preparation for a new addition to his family.

Musically, Jamie discovered the pitfalls of having an extremely hard-to-find bass guitar, as he broke it, and now no bugger seems to have the wherewithal to fix it. In the few rehearsals we have had since summer ended, Jamie’s laconic presence means when he does choose to impart some wisdom, we treat him like he is the Oracle of Delphi. Well played, Scoop!

As to the dame of the piece, Amy, when she wasn’t draped across some piano belting out soul classics in a dive bar, she was working every hour God sent in Union of Genius, which opens for extended hours during the festival. In one of those things that I assumed rhythm sections do together, Amy also moved house over the course of the summer, and had a very pleasant birthday celebration which we all attended, for the intent purpose of nodding sagely as she explained why beer is actually better than everything.

Musically, Amy continues to spend most of the time rolling her eyeballs while Rob and I make daft “boom, tish-boom-tish, thud, whack, zok, zowie” noises trying to tell her what drumbeats we like. Honestly, we sound like a fight scene in 60’s Batman. She then proceeds to ignore us and play something better, which is best for all concerned.

For Robert J McVicar the passing of summer is a sad time, for given his advancing years, he knows he may not live to see another one. On the first of September he lights a solitary candle outside the church where his father (and his father before him) took their life-long vows of celibacy.

Fortunately for Rob and his aged nether-regions, he made no such vows and is about to get married! WooHoo! Cha-Ching! Ba-Da-Bing, Ba-Da-Boom! #nuptials and all that. We’ve all been invited to the wedding and were, frankly, too surprised to come up with any sort of believable reason not to have to attend. Rob has spent all summer watching Scott and Charlene’s wedding (“in technicolour” as he says) and learning the words to Suddenly by Angry Anderson. The hopeless romantic.

Musically, Rob continues his fly-by-night dalliance with indie guitar, and has contributed a couple of new songs to our expanding repertoire. We are due to play a short set at his wedding, presumably due to the logic that nothing could feasibly put her off by that point, not even drunken Gareth vocals.

So it has been a busy time for all concerned, but we have continued to work on the songs where possible. New songs, re-imaginings of old ones and the odd bit of cosmetic surgery to one or two others had us fire out a decent set at Henry’s on September the 4th. Thanks to those of you who made it along for a fun and intimate little night.

That’s all from me, make sure and adorn yourself in the finest Alibis T-shirt (get in touch via our fb or twitter if you want one) follow us on social media, and download wor free songs from our soundcloud!

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