The Alibis

Now We’re Even – Acknowledgements & Thanks

We’ve tried to keep it low-key on our social media links and this very website, but our debut album is out this week, and we’d like to take a minute just to give some thanks to some very special people who helped make it possible.

Firstly, we’d like to thank Graeme Young, our producer at Chamber Studios in Edinburgh. Graeme was very helpful, calm and assured, and had loads of good suggestions during recording and mixing. Speaking from a personal point of view, he helped me stay calm, relaxed and focused during the vocals, and his unflappable demeanour rubbed off on all of us, and probably made us seem more capable than we actually are. We came out of the studio with a lot more knowledge and ideas, and we thank him for it.

Mike Stewart, of Mike Stewart Images was kind enough to take a day off from his regular job to come along on the Friday and help document our travails during the recording process with some wonderful photographs. A fabulously nice guy with a wonderful eye for a photo, he works his hardest so you don’t have to.

If you’d like to book Mike for weddings, christenings, or any kind of photoshoot, his details are on facebook. for all your photo needs.

CD artwork by Mark Ingram

Album artwork was created by the marvellously talented Mark Ingram of Mark Ingram Photo – Your Perfect Day. In addition to being an art whizz, Mark is an amazingly talented photographer and all-round top bloke. Get in touch with him via his website for all your photography needs.

As a band – these songs were rehearsed to the point of exhaustion at The Wel – Rehearsal and Creative Facility in Edinburgh. Get in touch with – he will sort you out!

On a personal level, I’d like to thank Rob, Amy and Jamie for being great band-mates and friends. Andy Kelly and Clint Waight have supported us from the very start, so big thanks to them also. Much love to Claudio, Nick and Jani. Massive thanks to Steven Walker, and big thanks to you, dear reader – hope to see you soon!

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