The Alibis


Gareth Fitzgerald – Lead Vocals, Rhythm Guitar

Gareth Fitzgerald – Lead Vocals, Rhythm Guitar

Gareth was born in Glasgow, and spent most of his childhood moving between Fife, Coatbridge, Stockport and West Lothian. He moved to Edinburgh at age 23 and formed The Alibis as a three-piece in 2006, playing one gig before Rob was recruited in early 2007. Gareth has a borderline neurotic obsession with comics (particularly X-Men, Batman and Preacher) and can wax lyrical on the subject for days, because, like, they’re a totally valid form of twenty-first century art and literature, man.


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Red Wine, Chocolate, Comics (usually all at once)


Simon Cowell, Jar Jar Binks, The TV show Friends, People who compare themselves to characters off the TV show Friends

Robbie McVicar - Lead Vocals, Rhythm GuitarRobbie McVicar – Lead Guitar, Backing Vocals

Born in Stockport, raised in Fife from the age of ten and resident of Edinburgh since the age of eighteen, Robbie is the six-string-slinger of The Alibis. Robbie ‘earned his stripes’ with the band Baltic from 2002-2005, playing regularly in Edinburgh with the occasional jaunt to London. His influences range from the echoed arpeggio sounds of The Edge, Johnny Marr and Peter Buck through to the usual greats of Hendrix, Page and Crazy Horse-era Neil Young.


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Red Wine, Chimpanzees, Manchester City, Surfing


Nothing really, he’s kind of laid back….. No…. Hang on….He hates Louis Walsh

Jamie Borthwick - Bass

Jamie Borthwick – Bass

James “Jamie” Borthwick is the newest addition to the ranks of The Alibis. Little is known of this Edinburgh fellow, however scientists believe he hatched fully-grown from a man-sized egg, wearing only a monocle and a Hearts tattoo. A former member of the Baseball Furies gang from the film The Warriors, Jamie cannot be harmed by conventional weapons, his only known weaknesses being spud guns and Lithuanian owners.

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Toggerball, cricket, gridiron (the slang-term for American football, not the porno)



Amy Brewer - Drums

Amy Brewer – Drums

London born and bred, Amy moved north to study at the University of Edinburgh. She recently graduated with a kick-ass degree in a subject which won’t help her become employed. Amy first began playing drums in 1999 when she learnt to count to 4. Since then she has played in several bands in both London and Edinburgh, typically in a ska/punk/rock style. Her influences include John Otto, Chad Smith, JoJo Mayer and Animal from the Muppets.


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Loves: (Other than being in the Alibis of course)

Unicorns, The Environment, Sarcasm, Travel


Writing Bio’s