The Alibis

Broken Train


Broken Train – the story

Rob actually had this song on demo before he joined the band, and played it to me once when I was over at his. I was immediately struck by the beautiful riff, and the chance for some harmonies in the chorus (not included here due to time constraints!).

According to Rob, he was watching a Rich Hall song called “mugged” and starting doodling on his guitar, and came up with the riff and chorus. The lyrics in the second verse, so he tells me, consist of the contents of his table at the precise moment when he was stuck for a second verse!

This song underwent a big metamorphosis when Amy joined the band, with the drums being slowed down, and giving it a slightly more “trippy, dreamy” vibe (and also sounding somewhat like a train!). I had never enjoyed performing the song until then – it’s written in E, which is a tough key for me to sing in, and I always had breathing problems trying to get the words out. The change in tempo allowed me much better control over it. This is one of the many songs that has a “less is more” approach to my guitar work! Incidentally, once Rob found out I cannot sing in E, a slew of songs in the key of E followed.

Rob has been described as “mesmerising” whilst playing this song. Feel free to roll your eyes here. We certainly did.

Broken Train – the lyrics

How long have we been waiting? I can’t stay much longer
How hard have you been pushing, did it make you feel stronger?

One glass, a dirty ashtray and a broken lighter
Since all the loving started it’s been so much quieter
You’re never aware of the things we share
’til you know what’s mine
A hopeless affair, there’s no tension there
And I hate it when the weather’s fine

There’s too much sunshine, there’s not enough rain
It’s not good for me
Walking in circles like a broken train
It’s not good for me

There’s too much sunshine there’s not enough rain
Walk in cricles like a Broken Train
There too much sunshine there’s not enough rain
Everyone’s at fault no-one’s taking the blame
It doesnt look good for me


Broken Train – the demo