The Alibis

Captain Solo

Where: eteaket, Frederick Street, Edinburgh
When: 24/07/2014
Cost: FREE
Time: 7.30pm
Gareth, following 14 seconds exposure to the sun.

Gareth, following 14 seconds exposure to the sun

Not strictly an Alibis gig, but publicity-shy frontman Gareth will be following up the Alibis succesful acoustic show at eteaket with his own solo gig.

Expect to see songs from long ago, a couple of covers, genitalactic impersonations and horrific fashion choices.

As with the previous gig, it’s free and a nice relaxed little atmosphere.

Fans of unlikely buddy-movie pairings may want to attend this gig, as local Edinburgh troubadour, rapscallion and militant unionist (not the Irish kind) Kevin “Enradgey” Ferguson will be providing some support on a couple of numbers.

Find his songs at and prepare to throw yer pants. The man has a desk drawer full of reposessed thongs, the majority of which are stiffer than a pensioner’s eyebrow.