The Alibis


So, you’ve read the website, listened to the songs, and have decided you want to get yourself some Alibis-related stuff. Excellent choice – what do we have for you?

Now We're Even cheaper if you shop around!

Now We’re Even cheaper if you shop around!

Our debut album, the compellingly deep and deeply compelling Now We’re Even was released in the December of 2015. Featuring nine choice cuts of Alibisexuality, including live favourites Terlingua and Somebody Somewhere and band faves Maelstrom and Letters, this is the definitive purchase for a taste of Alibi songsmithery. Available at cdbaby, itunes and spotify for download, the album is still available in physical form. 100 CDs were printed and a very limited amount are still available for purchase at gigs or if you see one of us around town (or on Crimewatch).

Noir cover - sleek and stylish, like Rob

Noir cover – sleek and stylish, like Rob

Music is our primary reason for being here, so why not purchase our EP, Noir? Recorded in March 2012, over a couple of sessions at Swanfield Studios this EP contains three choice cuts from our catalogue – Kojak, Cut Free and Fallout.  A numbered run of 100 CDs were printed but have sold out.

Available from cdbaby, itunes  and other online music distributors such as spotify, amazon, xbox live etc. Enjoy!

If you like what you hear we have a smorgasbord of free downloadable demos, live tracks, acoustic songs, nude videos and more at our Soundcloud page



Rippling pecs not included

Rippling pecs not included

If you’d like to display your support for the band to all and sundry (and look rather dashing and sexy whilst doing so) we also have T-shirts available for the fashionistas amongst you.

Made of 100% cotton, and with our logo displayed prominently on the chest, this T-shirt will keep you looking sleek and sexy no matter the weather. Available in all sizes, both male and female, and for sale at all gigs for the bargain price of £10. You can also get in touch with us via our facebook, twitter or this site and we’ll sort you out with one!