The Alibis

Our Friends

The Alibis are a very lucky band – looks, charm, wit, large appendages – and that’s just the drummer.  Where we are really lucky is the great people who help us with their time, awesome skills and generosity. Find out about our cool friends below, who knows, they might become your friends too.

Resilient Business Systems

Andy and his team designed our cool website in a matter of days. Not only that but for the rock ‘n’ roll payment of Jack and coke trained our trained monkey (our bass player is trained?) to update the site so we can keep you as up to date as possible. It really is a pleasure working with Andy and it was great having him up from Newcastle as the main sponsor of MMMM for Macmillan – what a guy! Andy and his good lady (Michelle to avoid any doubt) are in the process of organising a gig for us in Newcastle. We can’t wait to get down there for our first gig outside of Scotland.

Union of Genius

You need soup. You want soup. There is only one place to go – Union of Genius. Elaine (Owner and Head Soup Sorcerer) took what can only be described as an executive decision of pure genius in employing our ‘chick with the sticks’ Amy in Scotland’s first soup cafe. UoG sponsored MOGASM and designed a soup specifically for the fundraiser – Mogasmic Pump, a bacon and pumpkin soup odyssey. The Genius also sponsored MMMM for Macmillan and had a very happy winner of their prize. Contrary to reports, Elaine and Amy have not eaten the profits away, as tempting as it must be. Gareth and Jan have been known to have some band chat over a Caldo Verde or a Lebanese Lentil.

Touzie Tyke

We wanted something cool to set MMMM for Macmillan apart and Touzie Tyke took the lead. Peter having already designed the posters to help us promote the event then brought in his colleague Euan and they put together a short animation to entertain the audience on 3rd March. Just like our other friends, Peter and Euan are not only very creative and professional but also great people to work with. A little known fact, until now, is that the bass used by Jani used to belong to Pete.


With MOGASM we needed our moustaches maintained and mohawks meticulous – only Boombarbers could meet the challenge. The guys and girls have been supporting Movember for years and were happy to sponsor MOGASM. Jan’s most memorable hairstyles have been created at the hands of Boombarbers and they always have good tunes on the go. You should pop in and get some instant style.


As rock stars and gig-goers, it’s important to look the part. Focus provide exclusive and core skater inspired gear while helping and promoting Scottish skateboarding. Sibs and Graeme, in their shop on The Royal Mile, are great guys and kindly sponsored MOGASM. Only question is now, which hoody, jeans and trainers do I pick.